Grace Registration Information Page

Semester Fees and Registration:

Parents must register their own children each semester—children may not register themselves.

Step one is completed online. Staggered email invites will be sent out one week prior to our on-site phase of registration. These emails will include login information and passwords. Classes will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Teachers will be given the opportunity to register first, followed by continuing families, and finally returning and new families. This step of registration will allow you to hold a spot for your children in each of their desired classes. Anyone without Internet availability will have the opportunity to phone in their registrations.

Step two takes place in person at G.R.A.C.E. on the specified “Registration Day.” During this time fees will be collected and service assignment sign-ups will take place (see “Mandatory Service” below). Though classes will be held through the completion of step one, registration is not fully complete until registration fees are collected. Failure to complete step two may result in being dropped from classes which have waiting lists. Please do not assume that someone else can complete step two for you.

Due to the vast amount of information exchanged at Registration Day, your “in person” participation is very important. The board understands that extenuating circumstances may occur. The following options are available if you are unable to attend Registration Day.

-If you know in advance you will not be able to attend Registration Day, you may register the Friday prior. A $5.00 convenience fee will apply. Please communicate to the board your desire to register early in advance.

-In the event of unforeseen circumstances preventing you from attending registration day, you will need to contact the board Chairperson. Those who communicate to the board Chairperson prior to the close of Registration Day will be allowed to register via mail and will incur a late fee of up to $10.00. Please be sure to mail in the required registration payment and late fee by the following Friday to avoid additional late fees. (If a board member has to contact you in regards to your payment, the late fee will increase to $15.00.)

-Families who do not attend Registration Day and do not contact the Chairperson prior to the close of Registration Day will be assessed a $15 late fee. The late fee and registration fees should be mailed in as soon as possible to secure your desired classes.

All registrants outside of the normal registration day will be assigned their mandatory service duties where there is need.

The board reserves the right to waive late fees or hold classes on a case-by-case basis. Your cooperation and effort to complete registration on Registration Day is greatly appreciated.

Registration Fee: $11.00 per class, with a sliding maximum fee

Maximum: $55 per family of 3 or more students enrolled; $44 for 2 or fewer students enrolled

Cleaning Fee: $15.00 per family

Building Fee: $12.00 per student, with a maximum fee of $48

Mandatory Service: To ensure our workshop runs smoothly, each family’s assistance is necessary. Although the specific needs of the group vary from semester to semester, the following is a list of possible needs.

-Set-up / clean-up crews following each of our 3 yearly programs

-Hall monitors

-Teacher assistance

Details of the group’s specific needs and participation requirements will be available at Registration Day.

Teachers’ Fees: Parents must pay each teacher directly at the beginning of each month for the classes for which their students are registered. Parents are asked to pay teachers whether or not their children attend their registered classes each week.

Mail-ins: To register, please submit a registration form, class schedule, and check payable to G.R.A.C.E. Please include the $15.00 processing fee mentioned above. (You will be notified if any of the classes you requested are unavailable). To receive a class description book by mail, $5.00 may be sent to G.R.A.C.E., . New families wishing to apply to become members of G.R.A.C.E., please see New Family Membership Policy section for more details (page 7).

Refunds: A full refund of registration fees may be obtained by written request until June 11, 2015; and a refund of half the registrations will be made from June 12-July 11, 2015. No refunds will be given after July 11, 2015.

Please note: Registrations completed at Orientation and the November registration will only be refunded if extenuating circumstances occur and at the board’s discretion.

Registration deadlines are meant to provide an orderly exchange of information and transactions that need to take place each semester for our group. While we do accept late registrations, there is no guarantee that these families can go through the application process in time for the starting dates. Once the class Add/Drop deadline has passed, all applicants will be reviewed to register the following semester.

ADD/ Drops: Add/ drops online can be done during each registration week, orientation week, and the first week of each semester. A computer will be available at Registration Day, Orientation, and the first Friday of each semester for those who do not have access to a home computer. (MONDAY FOLLOWING THE FIRST MEETING DAY WILL BE FINAL ADD DROP FOR THAT SEMESTER). Please be aware that add/ drops are entered into the teachers’ class lists manually. Therefore, please give prayerful consideration to the classes you wish to add or drop to avoid overuse of this option.

Scholarships: There are a limited number of scholarships available. Scholarships are applied to registration fees only, not teacher fees. Please see a board member for an application.

Registration: Friday, May 10th,2019

9:00-1:00 Open Registration:

Class sign up for those without computer access

Hall Monitor and Teacher Duty Sign UP

Payment of Fees via cash or check