Greater Rochelle Christian Educators, or G.R.A.C.E., was established in 2003 as a homeschool workshop. Our members work together to provide a non-denominational, Christian focused, fun educational day for students once a week. G.R.A.C.E. is proud to offer a wide variety of classes ranging from pre-k  through high school levels. Our dedicated teachers are passionate about their content areas and seek to support parents in their homeschooling journeys not replace them. Class offerings include both academics, electives and just plain enjoyable options.

Parents are not required to teach, but one parent is responsible to participate in the weekly running of the program through various volunteer opportunities. We are not a school, therefore, a parent needs to be on the premises while his or her students are in classes.

We meet in Rochelle, Illinois on Fridays starting in September and continuing until early May. New family applications can be obtained by emailing newfamily@gracerochelle.org.  

Meeting Place-

United Methodist Church, 709 4th Ave, Rochelle, IL 61068

GRACE is not tied to any specific denomination. 


Interested in Joining Us?

If you want more information about our group please click on the Prospective Families link, or reach out to our New Family Coordinator at